The need is great to grow ministers, send missionaries, and build and plant churches.

Church in a Day allows Missions churches to apply to be able to gain a short term loan and take advantage of skilled laborers with in the UPCI to come together and build a church from the ground up in a weekend. Check it out!
Have you ever driven through a city and wondered "How many people live here?" Unfortunately there are millions upon millions with in cities around the US that need the gospel preached and freedom brought to those living with in them. Click the Metro Missions Logo!

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Our prisons are filled with individuals who have made poor decisions and are trapped by those former decisions. This ministry sends missionaries into these hard core facilities to preach the gospel of deliverance, new birth, and walking in newness of life.


North American Missions is funded through generous giving during the Christmas season by constituents around the nation.  The theme is and always has been - "Give your greatest gift to Christ!".  Would you consider giving this coming CFC Season?

From the heart of a man and his vision, countless lives have been changed and churches planted!
Maybe you have felt like everything would have been better if you had never ____! Gaze into the brief look of Jim Noble...