Behind every great man, are GODLY WOMEN.

The purpose of our Women's Ministry is to connect women to God, to their families, and to the church - through prayer, events, and activities.

  • Women focused in prayer make a difference, are you a difference maker?
  • Women growing in God's Word, are "vessels meet for the Master's use", are you ready?
  • Women immersed in praise and worship, are about to experience breakthroughs, is it time for your breakthrough?

We are here for you!

  • We are the SINGLE MOTHER who need God's help in raising their family.
  • We are the WORKING WOMAN who are walking the Journey in our world determined to make a difference.
  • We are the WIDOWED WOMAN who shares wisdom and builds other in prayer.
  • We are the DIVORCED WOMAN who has found the joy of the Lord in the absence of others.
  • We are the STAY-AT-HOME MOM who is committed to raising her children in a Godly home.
  • We are the MARRIED WOMAN who strives to be a blessing to her husband, children, and church.
  • We are the HOMEMAKER who embraces the ministry of hospitality.
  • We are the RETIRED WOMAN who has devoted even more of her energy, knowledge, and blessings for Kingdom growth.
  • We are the INTERNATIONAL WOMAN who is far from her upbringing, but has found a lighthouse!